And all the other unpleasantries of self-growth

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One important thing I’ve learned in my self-growth journey is that you have to feel your feelings. This will help you get to the bottom of things.

You know, all those uncomfortable feelings you stuff down, or eat too much or drink too much to distract yourself from. (Or take recreational drugs, or gamble or watch porn or have promiscuous sex — pick your poison).

You know, the times you get into a fight because you don’t want to face an uncomfortable truth. Or when you deflect by making a joke or acting…

Emotional issues, mental health and God

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What always surprises me about ‘doing the work’ (of mental health wellness and spirituality) is how much ‘work’ there is still left to do. Even after you’ve been doing it for many years.

I went through trauma as a child when I was molested by a close family member. I was further traumatized by a great deal of negativity being directed at me throughout my young adulthood and have had bad and negative relationship experiences.

In my young adulthood, I suffered through low self-esteem, sexual promiscuity, abandonment and relationship issues. I was emotionally damaged…

How your Thoughts Influence How Happy You Are With Your Life.

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What do you deep down, deep down believe about your life?

Do you believe good times are only temporary? That bad times come with simply being alive?

Do you believe that you can overcome any and all the obstacles placed in your path? Or that you will always have to go through one trial after another, after another, after another…..?

There’s a book I read quite some time ago when I was on my journey to trying to increase my happiness. It was Martin Seligman’s Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life. Yes, the title was a…

Dance Workout Stats — 271 Active Calories and 366 Total Calories
Dance Workout Stats — 271 Active Calories and 366 Total Calories

I’m a person who likes a good routine. And I’m also on a continual journey of self-improvement.

I love thinking of the accomplished person I want to be. This Future ‘Me’ is in good shape, is spiritually whole, eats mostly fruits and vegetables (a person can dream, right?) and is a genuinely kind, patient, overall lovable and loving person.

Who wouldn’t want to be that person, right???

So — first — fitness (I’ll talk about my spiritual and eating habits in some other posts for your further amusement). I decided NOW is the time to get back in shape. …

….and Yes — I am Black.

My Beautiful Baby Girl
My Beautiful Baby Girl
My Beautiful Baby Girl

I don’t spank my child. She’s six. And Yes — I’m Black.

I almost feel like that’s enough of a confessional there. Right or wrong — there’s a stereotype that most Black people spank their kids. And honestly — it’s not really that much of a stereotype. According to a CNN article:

In a study Gershoff co-authored that examined 20,000 kindergartners and their parents, she found that 89% of black parents, 79% of white parents, 80% of Hispanic parents and 73% of Asian parents said they have spanked their children.

So while the majority…

My Sleep Chart — December through January — Average of 8:35 per night
My Sleep Chart — December through January — Average of 8:35 per night
My December — January Sleep Chart — courtesy of AutoSleep

I am a champion sleeper. I have been devoted to sleep as long as I can remember. In fact, I’m probably the one child who never had to be told to take a nap — I welcomed the opportunity to crash for an hour or two every single afternoon! I’m still like that in fact. My mom likes to tell the story of an outpatient surgery I had when I was 14. When the nurse told her they were waiting for me to ‘wake up,’ she quickly made them realize that would never happen. After a few hours, they woke…

Sonya Triggs-Wharton

Christian, Helper, Servant, Seeker. Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I hope I write something that helps you.

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